1995 • Drawing Room Downtown Gallery, San Diego, CA
1994 • Drawing Room Gallery, La Jolla, CA
1989 • Hyacinthe Gallery, Palm Desert, CA
1986 • Hyacinthe Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
1985 • The Sculpture Garden, Stinson Beach, CA
1984 • The House of Hyacinthe, The Showplace, San Francisco, CA
1980 • Atelier Baron Showroom, New York City, NY
1978 • Hyacinthe Gallery, Port Washington, NY
1977 • Studio East Gallery, New York City, NY


Allied Artists of America, New York City, NY
Anne Paul Gallery: Visions, Palm Desert, CA
Best International, Tokyo, Japan
Bonita Teller, New York City, NY
Broadway, Statewide, CA
Brussel's World Fair, Brussels, Belgium
Christopher Stevens Gallery: The Female Aspect, Santa Monica, CA
Concord Museum, Concord, CA
Executive Club Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fashion Directions: Press Week, New York City, NY
Graphic Art Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
Harrods, London, England, UK
Hinkley and Broil: The Drawings of Hyacinthe Baron, New York City, NY
Hunting Hartford Museum, New York City, NY
Museum of Modern Art, New York City, NY
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
National Academy Galleries, New York City, NY
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
Neman Marcus, Nationally
Park East Galleries, New York City, NY
Saks Fifth Avenue, Nationally
San Francisco Arts Commission Collection, San Francisco, CA
Smithsonian Museum (Lynton Kistler Collection), Washington, DC
The Studio Door: Endangered (Featured Artist), San Diego, CA • 2016
Sun City Museum, AZ
Walter Chrysler Museum, Provincetown, MA


Boys Town of Italy, New York City, NY
Child Study Association, New York City, NY
Kilos Kagathos Foundation: The Surfers, Laguna, CA
Museum Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
MYM Institute for Adult Creativity, San Diego, CA
Naval Command Brig, Miramar, CA
San Diego Center for the Blind, San Diego, CA
San Francisco Municipal: Women's History Week, San Francisco, CA
Sculpture Garden, Lake Tahoe, CA
Stallone Foundation for Autistic Research: The Female Aspect, Santa Monica, CA
Tahoe Artists Association, Valhalla, Lake Tahoe, CA
Women's Caucus of Arts, Scottsdale, AZ
Women's Museum Organization, Sedona, AZ