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Hyacinthe Kuller Baron is an American Master Artist. For more than 50 years, Hyacinthe has worn the mantle of being a Creative; sculptor, writer, fashion designer, poet, teacher, interior designer, printmaker and painter are just a few of the titles applied to her talents. She gained international success with her Motherhood, Childhood and Sisterhood artworks in the late 60's, which were collected by the biggest celebrities of the 20th Century and included in the Smithsonian Collection. She was the first woman to have her own art gallery on Madison Avenue, she started the hand-painted fashion industry of the 80's and is a prolific writer. With unlimited energy at 80, Hyacinthe has begun to focus on her final body of work that she hopes will continue to define her legacy.


"My life has been a journey and search for the Silent Stranger through values and ideas. Always looking for a way to disregard the pain of reality to immerse myself in beauty. This journey and search are chronicled in my book, "Searching for the Silent Stranger" published in 1998 and in "Drawing Power by Making Your Mark ™ Workbook Series." Along the path, I made the discovery that inspiration is not random and chronicled this revelation in the mythological trilogy, "Cassandra's Tear." I continue to strive in the purest sense, to capture emotions and a sense of power drawn from individual experience when creating. From the first mark on the canvas, or the first cut in the clay ... giving innate talent free reign. Who is the woman in my art? She is a symbol. An icon and metaphor of the beauty of the human spirit. Proud, sensual, powerful, controlling the primitive and the wild ... often represented by the horse or animal nature symbolic of the female aspect ... often another aspect of personality. My art is transmigrational, my own term for the aesthetic concerns in which the ideal expresses the duality of human nature combinant in mind-body harmony. This is the essence of art, of life and death. In the end, life kills, art survives."


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with Fine Art Dealer Herbert A Starr
with comic actress Martha Raye
at her Madison Avenue Gallery
At Atelier Baron, NYC
sculpting in the Bay Area
at The Studio Door