Elizabeth Taylor
Jacqueline Onassis
Marilyn Monroe
Martha Raye
Joan Lunden
Princess Lee Radziwill
Princess Luciana Pignatelli
Princess Rispigliosi
Jack Benny
Fred de Cordova
Diana Ross
John Lennon
Jane Russell
Hal Linden
Malcomb Forbes
Rod McKuen
Joan Crawford
Charles Mingus
Ambassador and Mrs. Bartle Bull
Lady Slim Keith
Gloria Guiness
Louise Nevelson
Jim Brown
Xavier Cugat
Allen Ginsberg
Jack Kerouac
Jackson Pollack
Wilhelm DeKooning
Franz Kline
Marcel Duchamp
Peter Yarrow
Diane Carroll
Judy Collins
Lena Horne
Maude Adams
Chris Evert
Leonard Sillman
Charles James
Christian Dior
Oscar De La Renta
Mary McFadden
Smithsonian Institution
Lynton Kistler Collection
Huntington Hartford Museum
Concord Museum
Sun City Art Museum
San Diego Center for the Blind
San Francisco Arts Commission Collection
Vincent Price Collection
Ford Motor Company, Corporate Collection
IBM Corporation, Corporate Collection
Beatrice Foods
Boy’s Town of Italy

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